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Many companies on the internet claim to want to help you make money online, when in fact they use you to help them make money more than anything else. Such companies will tell you if you pay their high membership fees that everything they have is yours free. However, once you get in, you find out that they will charge you for everything they can, just to get more money.

World Profit Club

About World Profit Club

JacG's World Profit Club was created to solve that problem. We have no problem with other companies making money, but disagree with it being at the expense of their members. When you join us, depending on your membership level, you get everything that comes with that level at no additional charge, PLUS anything we add to your level as time goes on (and we're adding things all the time)! This is how it's supposed to be. Come join us and let us prove it!

Even our free members can make money!

Featured Partner... garybailey
on Fiverr.Com

Gary Bailey does our breaking news and weekly news updates. The high quality of his news broadcaster productions is why we chose him fot that task. He has been delivering video and audio on Fiverr for more than year, and maintains a 5 star rating! Let him bring his 20+ years of presenting and performing experience to your audio or video project via!

gkiser on Fiverr.Com

JacG™ and WPC™ Partners

gkiser on Fiverr.Com

Gkiser is one of the best producers of spokesperson videos we have worked with to date. His capabilities available on include Radio and Television production, editing, on camera host, voice-over, and creative content producer. He holds multiple awards for television and radio broadcasting, and will bring a sparkle to your production. We would like to recommend him to you if you need a spokesperson of the highest quality, and who is a DOer on!

Gkiser on

Voice-Over-Pete on Fiverr.Com

Pete has done unparalleled work for us through Fiverr.Com. His presentations are of the highest professional quality. He provides many services on Fiverr including Green-Screen presentations, Breaking News Broadcasts, Product Announcements and lots more! We highly recommend him to any who need the best presenter available! His work is superb. He is very knowledgable, professional, trustworthy, and is a DOer on!

Voice-Over-Pete on

Datastream on Fiverr.Com

Datastream has done excellent work for us. He's a Professional Lead Generator, SEO Agency owner, Phone Pro, and Marketing Coach. His Products and Services are Top Notch, and of great value!

Datastream on


If you have partnered with us for any activity, we'd like to showcase you and your capabilities here. We get nothing out of this, but relationship building.

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